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Welcome to the blogs of grass experts Barenbrug.
We’ve created these blogs to share some of our research and development stories and advice about from one of the world’s largest grass seed breeding companies.

BarForage News September 17

Welcome to BarForage News

Welcome to the latest edition of BarForage News.

UK Farm gate prices have improved across the board in the ruminant sector over the past 18 months. Very much needed, this has - broadly speaking - improved farm business cash flows.

With a bit more cash available, now is the time “to mend the fences” invest in those things that have perhaps not been a priority. As we all know, Brexit implications remain totally unknown for the industry, but whatever the outcome, UK consumer has shown its hand and has been buying more UK produced foods. This trend is likely to increase with the exchange rate and with the food standards lobby demanding the very best quality food goods produced with tight healthy regulations.

Where the likes of Barenbrug can help is with “mending the fences” - i.e. helping farmers increase on-farm food (forage) production and making it as efficient and cost effective as possible with UK proven and produced forage crops.

I hope you have a good summer and as always, if you are facing a particular grassland challenge that you need to discuss, please get in touch. You’ll find contact details for the team on the back page!


James Ingles, Head of Agriculture

Brochure Request

Brochure Request

Cropvale trials update June 16

Roger Hutchings, Cropvale Trials Manager, shares his thoughts on winter, latest news from the site and an overview of the tasks he’ll be tackling in the weeks ahead...

Get more from your grassland March 15

Review the grass seed mixture to make sure it is still working as hard as it could be for you.

The highest yielding perennial grass variety ever in England and Wales is now available! June 14

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Hard Fescue - the hardy fine fescue? April 14

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